Roles & Responsibilities

To obtain accommodations from Disabilities Office of Support Services (DOSS) and for the accommodation process to proceed smoothly, all parties need to understand their roles and responsibilities.

Students are responsible for:

  • Providing DOSS with current documentation related to the area of expressed need.
  • Keeping DOSS informed and providing updated documentation if disability needs change.
  • Requesting accommodations in a timely manner. On the average, academic services take 2–3 weeks.
  • Communicating accommodations with faculty and staff members as needed. A copy of the DOSS Service Agreement is appropriate information to share.
  • Keeping appointments with DOSS staff.
  • Notifying DOSS with other concerns or questions.

DOSS is responsible for:

  • Clarifying and helping to obtain what documentation is needed to determine eligibility for services.
  • Providing a copy of the DOSS Service Agreement to the student, identifying approved reasonable accommodations.
  • Consulting with faculty on behalf of students receiving services from DOSS.
  • Discussing with the student how their disability may impact their experience at Northwestern.
  • Informing the student when additional documentation is needed.

Faculty and staff are responsible for:

  • Understanding accommodations recommended by DOSS.
  • Contacting DOSS if they have questions regarding accommodations.
  • Contacting DOSS or the student if there are concerns or questions about how they will provide accommodations.