Support Groups and Seminars

We offer groups and seminars based on student interests and needs. Groups will be announced via the Student Daily Journal on theROCK, and chapel announcements, and posters. All groups require reservations.

  • Men's Group: Addressing masculinity, fathers, manhood and the silent struggles men have with lust, masturbation and pornography in a confidential environment: Together you will explore why these issues have a gained a grip on your life and how to move toward freedom. (starts in September, call 651-631-5178)
  • Women's Group: For those actively struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors, learn triggers and coping strategies, in a safe and confidential environment. (starts in January, call 651-631-5190)
  • Taking the Next Step A premarital seminar series for engaged couples. Small fee required for materials. (starts in March, call 651-631-5178)
  • Relationships 101: a group to learn more about relationships; communication, boundaries, etc. (starting in September, please call 651-631-5190 if interested).
  • Coping Skills for Stress and Anxiety: a group for those want to learn healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety, (starting in September, please call 651-631-5190 if interested).