Other Tuition Benefits

For Adult Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Military Tuition Discount

Northwestern's College of Adult & Graduate Studies offers a military discount of up to $750 per semester for full-time (12+ credits) adult undergraduate students and up to $440 per semester for full-time (6+ credits) graduate studies students.

Students must apply and meet the terms and conditions, in order to apply for this discount.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the appropriate FAFSA application
  2. MN Residents: complete and apply for the MN GI Bill
  3. Submit Duty Orders or DD214 with Admissions Application
  4. Apply for VA benefits (visit www.gibill.va.gov or contact 888-442-4551, if you have any questions about the VA application). 
  5. To receive the Northwestern discount, complete and submit the Military Tuition Discount application prior to initial course registration.
  6. We encourage you to submit a copy of what you send to the VA to Northwestern. 

*In the event that a student receives a full tuition from a federal and/or state funding, Northwestern reserves the right to reduce any discounts or incentives given by the university. See application for all terms and conditions associated with the discount.