Our Staff

Cynthia Reedstrom

Danette C. Wilfahrt, M.A. LP

Director of Counseling
Phone: 651-631-5190
E-mail: dcwilfahrt@unwsp.edu




Joseph M. Biancardi, M.A., LP

Assistant Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 651-631-5178
E-mail: jmbiancardi@unwsp.edu






Pamela M. Zaffke, M.A., LPC

Office Coordinator/Counselor
Phone: 951-631-5269
E-mail: pmzaffke@unwsp.edu





Aleeta J. Wicklund, M.A., LPCC

Phone: 651-628-3415
Email: ajwicklund@unwsp.edu





Daniel J. Madsen, M.A.

Phone: 651-631-5325
Email: djmadsen@unwsp.edu





Madeline Johnson, M.A. (in process)

Counseling Intern
Phone: 651-628-2070
Email: mbjohnson3@unwsp.edu





Karen Tyson, M.A. (in process)

Counseling Intern
Phone:  651-631-5128
Email: kntyson@unwsp.edu