Information and Policies

Textbook Returns

Full refunds will be given for textbooks returned within 3 days for traditional undergraduate students and 1 week for students in the College of Adult & Graduate Studies, provided the receipt is presented and new books are in original condition, free from any writing or highlighting, and still enclosed in the original packaging (i.e. shrink wrap), if any. 

Please also note:

  • If a class is dropped, the textbook may be returned through the fourth week of the semester or quad provided new books are still in new condition and an add/drop form is provided.
  • Any new books returned in used condition will not receive a full refund.
  • For Traditional students, all textbook sales are final one week into the second and fourth quads.

Where do your textbook dollars go?

The Campus Store sells textbooks to our students at the lowest possible price, with a mark-up reflecting only the minimum margin necessary to cover operational costs. The Campus Store also is committed to providing as many used textbooks as are available. 

Textbooks are priced and available for sale at the beginning of each semester. Students may purchase textbooks online to be picked up the week that classes begin.