Textbook Buyback & Returns

Get Cash Back on Textbooks!

At the end of each semester you can sell your books back during textbook buyback. You bring your books to the window behind the store during the designated time and we will ring up each book and let you know how much each one is worth. We give the best market price possible at the time.

Factors that determine how much money you get back for each book:

  • Is the book an old edition? If the text is an old edition we are less likely to be able to buy the text back from you, but there's still a chance that our wholesaler will. We'll automatically check with our wholesaler to see if they'll buy the book.
  • If the book is an old edition but the professor still wants to use the older edition then we'll give you the best market price possible, provided that we have not met our buyback limit. We can't guarantee that we will buy all your texts back from you.
  • Often times a class is taught every other semester, in which case we will buy the books back the semester before the class is taught again—if the professor uses the same book.
  • If the professor will not be using the book again for a class we can't buy the book back, but we will try to sell it to our wholesaler.

Although we do our best to make sure you get money back when you sell your books, the value of textbooks varies, according to the factors discussed above.

Buyback tips

  • Buy your books from the Campus Store! This helps us to be able to buy more books back because we need to provide more books to students each semester.
  • Sell back early. We can't guarantee that your books will be bought back and we take limited quantities to ensure the most money back possible, so sell back early.

Textbook Returns

Full refunds will generally be given for textbooks returned within three business days of purchase,or according to these conditions:

  • You present the receipt
  • New books are in original condition, free from any writing or highlighting, and still enclosed in the original packaging, if any
  • If a class is dropped, the textbook may be returned within three days of when you drop the course provided it is in new condition.Books may not be returned more than three days after of purchase without an add/drop form.
  • New books not returned in original condition will not receive a full refund
  • Near the end of each semester textbooks are no longer returnable and sales are final. Check with store or receipt for details.